Battle Teams2Club Guidelines


Last Updated: 11 January 2023

We strive to make all of our players and users feel safe and welcome when playing our games and using our services, and we want everyone to play by the same rules. These Guidelines set out standards for all players to use and enjoy our games and services as intended - without cheating or any abusive, disruptive, disrespectful or unfair behavior. Remember, we’re all here to have fun!


These Club Guidelines supplement the general BATTLE TEAMS2 EULA, which is here –[   ], which governs your use of our services or when you play BATTLE TEAMS2.BATTLE TEAMS2 provides these guidelines as a rule-of-thumb for how to conduct yourself while using our services. Please review the full EULA for a further list of prohibited conduct and activities. We screen content to detect any violations of these Club Guidelines or the EULA. We hope that we won’t have to, but we reserve the right in our sole discretion to take disciplinary action against any player who impairs other players’ experiences if it constitutes unacceptable behavior based on the principles we set out below and in the EULA (even if it’s not explicitly laid out as an example in these Club Guidelines).


The Rules for our Club


We aim to create a safe, respectful, and fun environment for all players. You can help by:


Refrain from inappropriate behavior and step in to stop it if you see it. Harassing, bullying, threatening, offending, or asking for personal information from others is never acceptable. Don’t be a troll, bait or flame. This includes deliberately trying to cause an argument by making sarcastic, off-topic, rude or disruptive posts, and discussions. No obscenity, other explicit posts, sexually suggestive content or sexting is permitted. If you see inappropriate behavior like this, please report it.


When creating content involvingBATTLE TEAMS2 assets, such as fanart, fansites or videos, keep it inclusive and respect the intellectual property and privacy rights of others.  This applies to any creative content as well as real-life photos and videos. We love to see the creativity of our community members, so we need your help in ensuring it can stay up and is viewable by everyone.


Using offensive or inappropriate nicknames or speech, repeatedly ganging up on the same player(s), killing one’s own teammate(s), or discriminating against other players hurts the Club and community. That means no sexism, racism, stereotypes, statements of inferiority, expressions of contempt, etc. Please help us keepBATTLE TEAMS2 a game everyone can enjoy.


We're not here to debate politics or religion or lobby for anything, so keep the conversation aboutBATTLE TEAMS2. Posts must beBATTLE TEAMS2 related only but not about the versions available on PC, PS4 or Xbox One. No posts or comments comparing or bashing other Battle Royal games are permitted, though you can discuss the difference between the Mobile, PC, PS4 and Xbox versions of PUBG. Don’t advertise for anything - any products or items for sale, no referral links or advert links/images are allowed.


TheBATTLE TEAMS2 community spans the whole globe! This means different laws and customs apply to our players based on where they live. It is important to follow your local rules when playing our games and report anything you see that seems off. What is appropriate in one part of the world may not be in another, so try to be respectful. No matter what your feelings are about other people, the Club is not a place to attack another person, including public figures, moderators, or other Club members.


Safety, Security, and Integrity

Sharing other people’s or your own personal information including account information from other websites, real-world locations, real names, email addresses or phone numbers is strictly prohibited. You should also not share access to yourBATTLE TEAMS2 account with others. We strongly encourage you to enable multi-factor authentication, use a unique password for your external accounts, and verify your email address. 

Please help us maintain the integrity of the Club. UC may only be purchased from the officialBATTLE TEAMS2 website. Do not buy or sell UC or any item from other players with real-world money, pay others to level up your account, collude with others to boost an account, or purchase or utilize third-party software that gives a player an unfair advantage, such as an aimbot. This type of behavior discourages other players who play the game fairly and makes the game less enjoyable for everyone.

Club Rewards


Club members may receive some in-game rewards. Do not engage in gambling, raffles, or other chance-based games involving UC, skins or other in-game items. Players may not give ownership of accounts, real-world cash prizes as a reward. Keep in mind that because hosts of the Club are responsible for the awarding of prizes,BATTLE TEAMS2 may not be able to resolve potential grievances.


Player Reporting

The responsibility to keep our community safe and welcoming lies with all of us. If you see any kind of prohibited conduct, please use the reporting function to report the instance and we’ll take care of it.


If we find that you have violated any of Club Guidelines and our EULA, including if you engage in unacceptable behavior based on the principles we set out above and in the EULA (even if the specific actions that constitute the violation are not explicitly stated out as an example), or you do not comply with the requirements of the Club, your account may be subject to disciplinary action.


We’ll consider certain factors when deciding the appropriate level of discipline for a player, including the reasonableness of the conduct, the accuracy of content check, severity of the offense and number of previous violations. Disciplinary action can range from a warning, muting and cancellation of Club membership.


If you lose your Club qualification, you will lose your loyalty points.